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Switchplates - They're an Important Part of Your Home's Decor

Having all the finishing touches in place is key if you want a well-decorated room. Whether it be your living room, bathroom, or otherwise, if everything isn't in place, then things are going to look off and that includes what kind of switchplates that you have on your walls. If you're scratching your head as to what switchplates are, then here is a quick crash course. They are those coverings that are over your light switches and your outlets. Their main purpose is to protect you from the wires and the electricity running through those wires that is behind it. If those wires were exposed, that would lead to some big time problems. In the past, switchplates just served that purpose and that's it. However, nowadays they actually carry some decorative weight and if the ones that you have on your walls don't match the theme of your space, then things are going to look miss-matched and kind of weird. So, make sure that the switchplates on your walls have a decorative, stylish look and the nice thing about them...


Narrow Down Your Picture Frame Search With These 3 Questions

If you have ever shopped for photo frames then you know it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many picture frames to choose from in a large variety of styles, colors, sizes and price ranges. So where do you begin? In order to save yourself some frustration, start off asking yourself these three questions: * Who is the frame for? * How much do you want to spend? * Where will it be displayed? These basic questions are often overlooked when shopping for that perfect picture frame. Answering them before you begin will speed up your search and result in the perfect gift or frame for yourself. The first question to ask yourself is: Who is the picture frame for? Are you looking for a frame for yourself or for a special friend or loved one? Are you getting the frame for a special occasion? Are you buying the frame to display a group of photos or keepsakes or just a single photo? Purchasing a frame for someone you know can be easier than choosing that perfect frame for yourself. Online retailers often hav...


How to Choose the Perfect Magnetic Photo Frame

If you've ever shopped for a magnetic picture frame, then you probably know that it can be confusing finding the right type of magnetic frame you want. That's because there are 2 different kinds of magnetic photo frames that are both called the same thing. In this article, you'll learn the difference between the two types of magnetic frames so you'll be able to get exactly what you want quickly and easily. Traditional Magnetic Picture Frames Traditional magnetic picture frames are the ones you have probably seen for years and are most familiar to you. They are your garden variety magnetic frame found on refrigerators, file cabinets and other fun metal surfaces. These magnetic frames are commonly made of plastic, acrylic or even paper. The back of the frame has a magnet secured to it that allows the frame to attach to any metal surface. These magnetic frames are called by many names - magnetic refrigerator frames, clear magnetic photo frames, or acrylic magnetic frames, to name a few. Because they are inexp...


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