Gemstone Globes - Beauty And Education In One

It is unfortunate that today's youth has lost a grasp on the world and the countries involved. Many schools today just teach to standardized tests and learning about other lands and cultures seems to have been left out of the mix.
This is where we, as parents, need to step in an offer children a way to learn that there is more to the world than the small section they live in. A great way to do this is through the use of gemstone globes.

You may be thinking a normal globe will do the trick, and you would be right, but there is a difference between choosing something that will just do the job and choosing an item that will not only get the job done, but will also leave a great impression at the same time. That is what gemstone globes will do.

Gemstone globes are hand crafted out of number small pieces of gemstone. You may find lapis, jade and many members of the quartz family coming together to create the topography of one of these masterpieces. Essentially, they are a piece of sculpture art, as each stone has to be cut just so, or else it will not fit in the curved space that it has to occupy.
If you are looking for an extra level of richness to your gemstone globe, you should consider those that are given the extra special touches. Some have been made with gold leafing accents or silver detailing, which makes them even more stunning.

Since colored gemstones are used, these globes still have the features you would expect, of countries being each a different color so they are easy to tell apart. This will make the teaching side of this job go much easier. There are obvious divisions between countries and continents that you can point out.

Another plus that gemstone globes have, which others don't, is that they are fun to touch. Kids, by nature, are hands on. They like to touch and feel things. When you have a gemstone globe, instead of one of those plastic ones, there is a payoff when they put their fingers on it. The stone will be cold to the touch when they first touch it, but if they keep their hand there long enough, it will warm up, as the stone radiates the heat from their hand back to them.

The final benefit of choosing gemstone globes as your globes of choice for teaching your children about the world is that they are much more attractive than those made of plastic and cardboard. Globes made of real gemstones can easily be given a place of distinction in your home and do it justice. From your office to den or even the living room, these artful looks at the world will be a beautiful addition to your home, especially if you have a nautical or world traveling theme. Not only will they be a way to pass a little knowledge on, but also a piece that looks like it was mean to be a part of your home décor.


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